Picky Bars

Lauren Salge

Robbinsville, New Jersey | https://laurenrunshere.wordpress.com/

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Running, Trail Running, Duathlon, Snowboarding, Hiking
Bucket List RaceTahoe 200, Badwater, Honolulu marathon
Favorite Picky Bars productCANT BEAT CHOCOLATE, Fudge Nuts, Laurens Mega Nuts
Off-Day ActivityWorking with runners who are just getting started at Princeton Running Company

Hi, Im Lauren. This will be my second year being a Bad Ass... I mean amBADASSador. I am a Ultra Marathon runner, trail lover, swim hater, occasional alligator wrestler (joking). When I am not eating my Mega Nuts (because they are named after me right?) I am eating beat chocolate because I am obsessed with it... I mean, I am coach high school aged kids at field hockey and softball.