Picky Bars

Kristen Trout

Ipswich, Massachusetts

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Skiing, Hiking
Bucket List RacePacer at Western States (not sure I want to run 100mi myself, but love supporting other runners!)
Favorite Picky Bars productAh Fudge Nuts and Picky Pancakes
Off-Day ActivityFrom work or exercise? Cooking/having a drink with friends is high on the list for either!

Active, goofy, fun loving, long time picky clubber, 2 year Ambadassador! I'm passionate about getting outside and getting sweaty and sharing that joy with others (also former outdoor educator.) I have sensitive GI tract and Picky products have been fueling all of my adventures for the past several years wether that's running ultras, alpine ski touring, triathlon-ing, or just trying to survive a long work shift as a vet tech! I so appreciate the community Picky Bars has created for folks to come together and share all of their collective stoke. I tend to live in my "Picky Apparel" and love sharing about the brand and products when folks ask me "what is picky bars?" I also almost have several on hand to share ;-) While some personal life events and some injuries have kept me out of racing much this season, I still wear my Picky garb while solo adventuring or with friends and love running into others who give a shout out when they see it, or sharing bars with hungry friends. I also love the ways in which I have been able to connect with the Ambadassador community and hope to have the chance to do so more in the future! Go Team Picky!