Picky AmBADASSadors

denali strabel

Palmer, Alaska | www.denalistrabel.com

Primary Discipline(s) Trail Running, Hiking, Other
Bucket List RaceCCC 100k
Favorite Picky Bars productLauren's Mega Nuts and Blueberry Bombdizzle
Off-Day ActivityPouring Paint on furniture, writing, and singing to my plants

I describe myself as an adventurer: A track drop-out, wannabe skier, enthusiastic rock climber, ridge munching skyrunner and one of those insane people who dream of running 100-mile races. I've dabbled in it all and live a pretty spontaneous life. I work in Special Education, went to school to become an Anthropologist and freelance writer. For years I have been putting deposits in my running bank, reasons for a short resume, but it's all been for the greater goal I set for myself back in 2014. I had a plan to make my thirties wicked awesome as I slowly rescued myself from substance abuse and an eating disorder. I believe women need more +30-year-old role models, life isn't over after NCAA or age 25, and I promote women stepping up out of their comfort zone to empower themselves and each other! Up here in Alaska, we have a "Lady Train" of badass women rewriting the record books. I feel honored to be apart of the shift, from women hating each other to supporting one another and going after a common goal. I am proud to be a wildflower child roaming the mountains. I cherish the coaching and mentor opportunities to help the next generation of Alaskan Adventurers!