Picky Bars

Past Races

05/02/2021 BWR - San Diego
02/13/2021 Rock Cobbler

Dan Alldridge

Carlsbad, California

Primary Discipline(s) Off Road Triathlon, Gravel Cycling, Skiing
Bucket List RaceUnbound Gravel, RPI, and SBT
Favorite Picky Bars productCan't Beet Chocolate Oatmeal
Off-Day ActivityReading or Hiking in the woods

Passionate about the outdoors and ensuring it's a place for future generations to enjoy. I've always looked at sport as a way to challenge myself and test my perceived limits. This was team sports growing up, the hyper-competitive environment in the Marine Corps after college, and over the last several years long-distance triathlon. I'm now tacking gravel races to continue exploring nature.