Picky AmBADASSadors

Kyle Puckett

Houston, Texas

Primary Discipline(s) Track and Field
Bucket List RaceRun a race at the BU Track/run an ultramarathon
Favorite Picky Bars productIt's a tough call between Can't Beet Chocolate Oatmeal or the "Ah, Fudge Nuts" Bar
Off-Day ActivityI've got to go with the classic hike if I'm in Utah or watch a movie if I'm in my dorm

My name is Kyle Puckett, and I am a freshman running Cross Country and Track and Field at Washington University in St. Louis. I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering in the McKelvey School of Engineering. While I love running, I have a ton of interests outside of running, such as hiking, reading, biking, hammocking, and exploring. As you can tell, I am a pretty outdoorsy guy!