Picky Bars

David DaPrato

East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Off Road Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Road Running, Trail Running, SUP, Hiking, Climbing
Bucket List RaceLavaMan
Favorite Picky Bars productHow 'bout dem apples oatmeal
Off-Day Activityhouse projects, TV, or local pub with friends (Big Bob's Pizza to be specific) :)

I have been a triathlete for 23 years and I will continue to be one as long as my joints will allow me. I love the sport, I love the camaraderie, I love the networking, I love the sense of community, and I love the ability to travel and race at the same time. A current goal I have is to complete a triathlon in all 50 states (22 completed so far). I race as part of a local Grand Rapids team, Team Stellafly, which is a group of over 100 members. We have lots of team events through the year and our leader manages a social media brand (Stellafly media) and she takes race photos at all our races. I have a very strong connection to the local triathlon community because of the many years I have raced, but also because I am a physical therapist and a triathlon coach. I specialize in sports rehabilitation and often volunteer at local races to serve as medical coverage for the event. So, If I'm not racing, I am working the race. I have been fortunate to race 70.3 World Championships in South Africa and will be headed to Olympic Distance Worlds in Abu Dhabi this November.
As an addition, my wife and I always find routes to hike when we go on vacation, so hiking and the outdoors has become a big part of my life outside of work and racing. Our next planned trips include Banff and the Pacific Crest Trail. We also have friends who just built a house in the beautiful Bend, OR, so we will likely be visiting them about once a year and they love to hike as well.
I have been a big fan of Picky Bars for several years now. My wife is vegan and I am vegetarian (with vegan tendencies :)) and I often stop at our local run store to pick up bars for both pre-race and for snacks on hikes. But whoa did my life change when I purchased a few sample packs of the Picky Bars oatmeal. That stuff is amazing! It has become my new pre-race meal. The "How 'bout dem apples" is my favorite. But I am always up for trying new foods, so I will definitely try the others as well.
One final aspect about me that I have reflected on lately is that I really enjoy learning new skills. Framing in our garage, putting up drywall, building a patio from brick pavers, installing new trim, laying concrete, spray painting with a spray gun, and tons more. I value the ability to learn from others so that I can put my own spin on things and customize. I love customization! I even removed all my 4Runner badges, painted them metallic green and then re-installed them based on YouTube videos. I think many triathletes have a desire to share with others. Experiences, gear, apparel, nutrition, strategies, etc. I have that desire to share with others every bit of knowledge and experience I can to help someone else feel inspired to customize whatever they wish in life.