Picky AmBADASSadors

Cristin Van Driel (married name: Lindroos)


Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Road Running, Trail Running, Duathlon, Track and Field
Bucket List RaceGate River Run
Favorite Picky Bars productBlueberry Boomdizzle and Performance Oatmeal
Off-Day ActivityLong gravel ride

I am a competitive masters runner and currently in nursing school. I overcame a traumatic cycling accident that resulted in a broken back and traumatic brain injury, 7 spine surgeries, and re-learning how to walk after temporary paralysis. I am now in Nursing School and hope to be able to help others in the way many have done for me. I still run, race, and have a goal of a half marathon at some point (probably after nursing school, lol)