Picky AmBADASSadors

Eva Keohane

Fort Collins, Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Gravel Cycling, Road Running, Trail Running, Cyclocross, Track and Field, Skiing, Climbing
Bucket List RaceLeadville 100
Favorite Picky Bars productChai and Catch Me
Off-Day ActivityBaking sourdough bread and woodworking

Originating from a collegiate running background, I currently dedicate my hours to running, cycling, and the occasional swim. As a PhD student at Colorado State University investigating the impact of food compositions on human health, I further my interests in nutrition and chemistry. Since moving to Colorado from New York, I have enjoyed the slower pace, allowing me to enjoy the outdoors and rekindle my love for running. Picky Bars play a crucial role in fueling my hectic lifestyle, especially since the majority of my runs take place in the early morning—I'm almost always seen enjoying a Chai and Catch Me bar before hitting the pavement. I am looking to racing trail races, gravel races, and triathlons in the future.