Picky AmBADASSadors

Eva Keohane

Fort Collins, Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Gravel Cycling, Road Running, Trail Running, Cyclocross, Track and Field, Skiing, Climbing
Bucket List RaceLeadville 100
Favorite Picky Bars productChai and Catch Me
Off-Day ActivityCamping and hiking and playing the piano!

My name is Eva Keohane I am a former D2 collegiate runner, cyclist, scientist, photographer, piano player, granola girl (I love camping/hiking/Picky Apple Crumble Granola). Growing up my parents new I was going to be a runner. Apparently I would run for hours in my backyard trying to catch butterflies- I do not think I caught many as I would run and run. In high school I ran cross country, track, played volleyball, and was an avid cross country skier. In college I studied chemistry and ran the 5k/10k. I found great success in the classroom and on xc trails in college in my first year. Although I deeply struggled with an eating disorder and ended up going through many injury cycles. I found help in two eating disorder treatment center and now am doing much better. I am getting my Ph.D. in agricultural chemistry/ food science at Colorado State University. My goal is to teach in a college food science department in a way that shows how all foods are fuel. This way I can inspire future RDs to help others Hal their relationship with food. Living in Colorado helped my slow down, enjoy the outdoors, fall in love with running again. I am currently training for half marathons. My friend and coach actually has a podcast (Distance Daddies) that Lauren was interviewed on recently. I will be racing for the Front Range Elite Team in Fort Collins, CO. I also love to gravel ride with I found while being injured and will be doing a few gravel races next spring! Picky Bars helped me fuel my busy lifestyle, as most my runs are early in the morning so you can almost always find me eating a Chai and Catch Me bar before. Picky bars mission statement- Real food fuels- helped me fix my relationship with food and made me such a happier person and runner. I would be honored to be a Picky Bar Ambassador so I can spread the word about how great Picky bars are!!