Picky Bars

Andy Doherty

Ballston Spa, New York

Primary Discipline(s) Trail Running, Obstacle Racing
Bucket List RaceWestern States
Favorite Picky Bars productMoroccan World Tour
Off-Day ActivityMobility, cooking or hiking a new trail

I grew up playing soccer, baseball, basketball and football on organized teams and would play street hockey, hike the paths and climb trees near my house. I was in Boy Scouts with friends and enjoyed the opportunity to camp and do outdoor activities not easily accessible growing up in the suburbs. In college, I lost touch with most of these activities and didn’t have an outlet for my excess energy. I put that energy into a not-so-healthy lifestyle and through working in the restaurant industry, continued that lifestyle for over a decade. Now in my thirties I have involved myself in Spartan races and it has reignited my love for sport and the outdoors. I have left bartending and have removed alcohol from my life. My diet has become fueling and my spare time is used for training, learning and growth.