Picky AmBADASSadors

Run the Rock 50 Miler

First non-virtual 50 mile race. What a blast!

This one hurt! Thanks to everyone who wished us good luck and all the volunteers that put this on! What a day.

Went out a maybe a bit too hot - probably got caught up in the excitement of the race. Well organized and distanced to get out to Smith Rock. Views of the mountains during the sunrise were amazing. First aid station was tough.. hard to let people fill your bottles when you can’t feel them to open them, but such is life.

Broke away from a group of nice people on the switchbacks. Felt good motoring up them. Was fun/interesting to taste/see the differences in aid station things (PB&J quality, quantity of potato chips per bag, concentration of Tailwind... you know, the important things).

SUPER muddy around Gray Butte. That was hard, legs just completely sunk in the mud. Escaped it but started to have stomach issues. Unfortunately PB&J’s only take one so far.

Ran alone for the final ~25mi. Long time to be alone with my thoughts ???? Again, aid station folks were super nice and helpful. Worked hard in the last ~12mi to break 9hrs but couldn’t quite pull it off. Ez pr’d too - she’s a beast. Fortunate to share these experiences with her :)


Holy smokes! I love this account of your race. Congratulations on your win!!