Picky Bars

TCTF, that was FUN!

Dusty, dry, dirty and fast singletrack trails is the best way to describe this race! Probably one of the best, if not the best, singletrack races I have had to date.  Jumped on the tire of a guy in a small group that lead us through a good 10 or so miles.  Then had to play some catch up before I landed on the back tire of the first male fat bike for the 2nd half. Ran out of water with 5 miles to go.  At least 5 crashes right in front of me that took me to a sudden halt.  Luckily I escaped unscathed but it did slow me, and required effort to restart and get refocused.  Cramped up during a surge around 5 miles to go, but dig deep, fought my way back then passed the first male fat biker a mile later and never looked back. Finished first overall fat bike class and 7th female overall.  A great day to support our local mountain bike trails and Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association!

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