Picky AmBADASSadors

How long can you hang?

Single loops around Lake Sacajawea In Longview, Washington proved to be a challenge. Definitely one I am eager to do again.

My goal was 100. I made it 82 miles. I have unfinished business at this race. The weather was better than it had been previous years past. Some rain, some wind, some rain/wind creating tent disasters, however my crew was solid and kept everything together. For my fist 24 hour race I feel it was a huge success. 

I did pull out after mile 82 due to some lingering knee issues. I wanted to finish uninjured. If I kept running another 20 miles to make my goal I feared I'd be leaving injured. It was a great course, friendly racers and the best part was my crew and pacers who should to support me! I feel I have unsettled business at this event... 100 miles here I come!

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