Picky AmBADASSadors

Running the Timberjack

Killer run close to Mt. Bachelor offering a staggering climb in the beginning only to ease into some graceful terrain throughout the rest of the course.

It was cold and I mean much colder than we all expected that morning. Very low-key event. It was go time and the first challenge was a good climb in the beginning to get the blood flowing. Once that climb was finished the rest of the course was fairly gentle. (3) 20+ mile loops. This made logistics easy for drop bags and crew. 

Really enjoyed the running for the first 20ish miles. At the 40 mile loop I picked up my pacer, it was close to getting dark. I was getting a bit sore and a bit in my head..... As we took off and the sun was setting it was great to have some conversation with someone other than the voices in my head. We ran, and ran, and ran..... Temps dropped quick and before you know it my pacer and I were freezing! 

It became a real focus to just keep moving fast enough to keep circulation going and stay warm. One-foot forward and repeat. What felt like forever, running in the cold ended as we came around the last corner and saw lights. Pleased with my performance and pushing through the cold I claimed 1st in my division!

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