Picky AmBADASSadors

Half of a Great Race!

London did me a little dirty.   After a series of unfortunate training injuries during the build up (foot surgery, hip flexor strain, quad strain - all at different times), I finally felt like everything was clicking just right.  

Race day jitters led to a little faster than I had wanted in the opening mile, but I eventually settled in.  A weird thing I noticed in my corral - there were a LOT of hydration packs, vests, water bottles, and all things in between.  Being from Boston, having run the US Majors - this is obviously a big no-no.

About 10k in, with no electrolytes on my person, and water stops few and far between, I started to wonder about hydration along the way.  I've never run a marathon without the chance to take water on the mile.  But alas, here we were.  The first Lucozade stop was shortly after Mile 9, and I had glucose on me and nothing else.  D'oh.

Ever get those cramps in your calves that are like suction cups? I used to get them on big ass trail races with huge climbs in them, back before I learned to fuel better.  Yeah.  Those hit at mile 14.  

So I had a great 14 miles, a very enjoyable touristy back 12, and crossed the finish line with a song in my heart and a beer in my hand.  I've got a charity spot to run London again in 2023, so I'll get my revenge soon enough.

I fucking love running.  


Question: what were the song in your heart and beer in your hand? Inquiring minds want to know...

I'm glad you're here!