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What a time!

First ever half marathon + longest distance ran to date!

Well, it goes without saying, I just completed my first ever HALF MARATHON. It was honestly a very surreal experience for me because I have truly never been a runner. I tried distance in HS, every practice would run off to a park + then go back for conditioning, never truly running (hs shenanigans). I would kind of get through my races because I was generally active but never enjoyed the experience. I started to then run in my early 20's as a way to get from point A to B, never running more than 2 miles (1 mile each day), and I felt great with that run and go pretty quick. I eventually fell off of that as I started to do more things on my own and learn to be an adult. I started rock climbing, and camping and just getting outside as much as possible. However, I recently found that I have gotten much less motivated, been more stressed, and just feeling generally weak. I decided to try running again as a way to decompress and slowy get back into feeling a little more energized. I started running with the Nike running app in June and shortly after decided to set a goal for myself, I wanted to run a half marathon. Setting goals is something I have not done in a very long time, but I do know they keep me accountable. Up until this point I had only ran a maximum of 3 miles, and really wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone by comitting to distance. I have surprised myself on every single run Ive ever gone on and up until race day the farthest I ran was 9 miles. I was scared by this seeing as I would have a whole 'nother 4.1 miles to run on race day. However, the environment, the support crew, and the GU gels got me to the end and I even ran my fastest mile of the entire race at the end! It felt so glorious and amazing.  I know I can do better + I'm excited to run another half marathon in March, with more training, more cross training + just more people! I am happy to have a few friends willing to dive into training with me + I'm excited to see them on their journey! 




Congratulations on finishing your first half marathon. I'm sure many more are in your future and probably even a full some day. Keep it and and don't forget to add in some shenanigans every once in awhile. :)